​​​What people are saying about what Nicole is saying.

​​Nicole Bogen Voice Over

Bill Clinton talks about "Cat Herders" (Nicole, VO)




Nicole has been heard on television, radio, and

online campaigns as the voice of Best Buy, Lexus, Vons/Safeway, Suzuki, Wells Fargo, Timex, Wella,

The American Cancer Society, EDS ("Cat Herders",

"One of the Best Super Bowl Spots of All Time",

- Adweek, ESPN ), and more.

"Nicole has the kind of voice creatives and 
clients both like. The voice of a trustworthy, 
smart person you'd want to be friends with. 
Words sound cooler coming out of her throat."
-Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer, 

Executive Vice President, BBDO Worldwide

​​"I love her voice! She's a pleasure to work with, 
a total pro and I love her unique sound. 
Her voice is real and not like a typical announcer."
​-Jack Epsteen, Senior Vice President, 
Director of Integrated Production, GSD&M ​

"Nicole brings so much more than her great
voice. She quickly understands the tone,
timing, and energy level that fits the script
perfectly. She gives numerous fresh takes and 
her ability to take direction is spot on. 
She also does it in just a few takes." 
- Suzanne Steele, Associate Creative Director, Apple​

"I've had the pleasure of working with Nicole in 

two ways. She worked for me as an Art Director 

so she understands how to interpret copy for creatives and producers. ​She takes direction very well. Nicole has a unique voice with range and is so professional and likeable! She'll bust heryou know what for you."

-Tom Cordner, Former Executive Creative Director, Team One Advertising​

​"Nicole's sultry, husky, melodious pipes
could sell ObamaCare to John Beehner." 
- Bob Barrie, Partner and Executive Creative Director, Barrie D'Rozario DiLorenzo, 
former President of The One Club

"Nicole is a true pro, a one-take-wonder. 

Her voice is distinctively raw and a match 
made in heaven for national campaigns."
-Lance Tracy, Director